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Slingshot Wave SST 2016

Slingshot Wave SST 2016


Slingshot is thrilled to introduce a radical new kite to its 2016 lineup – the Wave SST. With a design that will redefine the meaning of a true surf-specific kite, the Wave SST (Slingshot Surf Technology) features a Compact-C canopy and compact direct-connect bridal that looks like a cross between an RPM and a Rally, but performs unlike any kite on the market.

Built with significant and unrivaled upgrades to Slingshot’s already bombproof construction, the Wave SST (offered in 6, 8, 10 and 12 meter sizes) is sturdy enough to take a pounding in the surf, but light enough to track magically downwind, downloop on a dime and whip across the window at the flick of a wrist. For kiters serious about taking their wave skills to the next level, the Wave SST is the kite to take them there. The Wave SST is equipped with a modified version of Slingshot’s revolutionary new shock-absorbing IRS bridal (featured on the 2015 RPM), which provides instant feedback and response, unrivaled stability and is condensed enough that it can’t get wrapped around wingtips if rolled in the surf. With a shape that favors serious downwind drift, unbelievable turning speed even when fully sheeted-out and a feather-light feel when shredding down the line, slashing faces and bottom-turning, the Wave SST has set a new standard for what a wave kite can do for its riders.

Slingshot coined the term “Surf Tough” nearly 15 years ago with its unique seam technology, and its designers have taken that concept to another level with the Wave SST. The kite is constructed with an extra heavy duty Rip Stop Surf Grid canopy material and has extra panels reinforced in a gridded quilt pattern to provide increased strength in the event of a water landing. These upgrades compliment Slingshot’s already rock-solid construction that makes our kites the most resilient on the market.

Although built specifically for surf, the Wave SST is also an outstanding kite for easy-going strapless riders and the rapidly-growing faction of foil boarders due to its incredible depower, feather-light feel and unrivaled turning characteristics. For customized performance, the kite features three trailing edge attachment points which result in more or less bar pressure and sensitivity depending on which point is chosen. All of Slingshot’s 2016 kites come with our new One Pump Speed System, which increases inflation efficiency to get you out on the water faster and with less energy than before.

Rave reviews on the Wave SST -

Name: victor sellinger
Review Date: 7/29/2015 1:25 am
Rating: 5*

Aeolus "The Wind God"
I'd give this kite more like a 10 star rating. I started Windsurfing when I was 9 (I'm 38 now) and rode just about every sail on the market. In 2002 I made the full transition into Kitesurfing with the same mind set. After riding about 90% of the Kites on the market I'd have to say that the Wave SST has finally nailed the Bulls Eye. The response time is virtually instantaneous which is crucial in the surf! The response time is superb and effortless in critical sections. I like more bar pressure while doing arials off the lip so I keep my setting on the heaviest setting. If your serious and dedicated to Kitesurfing you have to try out this Kite. Thank you Sling Shot!!!

Name: Eric Cohn
Review Date: 7/21/2015 12:20 am

The new SST Wave is really an amazing kite. If you have not demoed one I would highly recommend that you do so. Fast turning, amazingly stable, effortless relaunch and the pivot loops you can do on waves and river swell are just amazing. This is the kite that finally got me off of my beloved RPM's which I've used since 2009. This kite is an absolute Grand Slam.

Name: Bob Riviello
Review Date: 7/8/2015 10:46 am

I have been riding Slingshot since the first four line fuel came out. Till now the RPM has been my favorite kite because of the way it turns and feels. The new Wave SST blows my mind.. It is so stable consistent power rock solid no flutter eyes closed you always know where the kite is at all times. Then when you turn it it is lightning fast no matter if you are sheeted in or out. Not as much power in the turn as the RPM which is awesome if your timing is a little off. Going off the wind the drift is insane. No back stalling and still will turn even if your lines are a bit slack. Do anything you can to demo one of these kites.. Tony and the team nailed this kite for sure!

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Slingshot Wave SST 2016
Slingshot Wave SST 2016
Slingshot Wave SST 2016
Slingshot Wave SST 2016
Slingshot Wave SST 2016
Slingshot Wave SST 2016
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Since 1999 Slingshot Kite Surfing has been an industry trailblazer; they have never shied away from dreaming big, thinking radically and taking risks to create innovative new concepts, many of which have become industry norms over the years.

Slingshot is lucky to have a super talented group of riders, engineers, artists and craftsmen who take seriously and thoroughly enjoy their jobs. They are working tirelessly on their end so you can play tirelessly on yours, and it’s that concept that drives them forward as Slingshot approach two decades of designing and perfecting what they take pride in calling the best gear on the market.

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