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F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016

F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016


Reduced concave in fin area: more versatile and easier to carve
Amazing feeling and versatility!!!
Nose channel
Front pad kick
Compact grab rail

Full pads
F-ONE surf straps (in option)
Size 5’8’’ 5’10’’
Dimensions 172 x 47 cm 177 x 48.5 cm
Volume 20 L 21 L
Weight 3.3 kg* 3.45 kg*

For the second year in a row, the F-ONE range includes Mitu MONTEIRO’s own pro model surfboard!

Throughout the years, Mitu has acquired an impressive experience and expertise while being a clear pioneer of strapless riding. Having a really good feel for the gear with some sharp analytical skills and a lot of curiosity, he got totally involved in the development of his pro model. Mitu also likes to try a lot of different boards while kiting but also for surfing. His approach therefore stays true to F-ONE’s ethos of creating products that are high performance but always remain ultra versatile.

For 2015, the Mitu Monteiro Pro Model receives the new HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE construction. This includes a high density foam sandwich with optimized flex to improve reliability, comfort, and maneuverability while keeping the boards lighter. A new smaller size is introduced this year with the 5’6 completing the range. The new HEEL SHOCK ABSORBER featured on the deck makes sure all impacts feel softer for the rider and increases the board durability.

Mitu used to like longer boards because the added stability they offer. With the compact outline and the rounded nose, we have achieved a shorter board which keeps a great directional stability.

Max width has been reduced by 1cm on all sizes to make the tricks easier and get a more responsive board. Yet the general outline remains rather wide to get a lot of lift and make the most of the waves’ energy.

Looking at the bottom, we have used a very deep single concave that extends all the way back to the fins. This guarantees an early planning with sharp accelerations on and off the surf while helping out dealing with the chop. The Mitu MONTEIRO boards are all equipped with a tri-fin setup for a faster ride and a lighter weight for the tricks.

A lot of work went into the deck with the Camel Deck shape that helps nesting your feet into the board for an incredible control. A grab rail has been introduced at the front to help out during the tricks.

All in all, this range is truly innovative and the boards are specifically designed for strapless riding from the bottom to the deck. By testing it on all the different spots of his island Mitu pushed hard to develop a board which excels in all kind of riding. A typical day usually includes some freestyle at Kite beach in the morning, followed by a kite wave session in Ponta Preta in the afternoon, before a late surfing session in the evening when the wind has gone. And doing it all with the same board does not seem to take anything off his impressive riding level!

How many surfers have broken boards and wished they could replace it with a new one and get the same sensations they are used too?

Mitu once asked me:

Raph, can you try this board and make me the same one; it feels really good under my feet

I went out and tested this strapless board and was astonished by the control and sensations that the board gave me.
After a few runs, I started analyzing what was giving me this sensation of control.
I realized that my front foot was nestled in a heel dent and that my arch was fully supported on the rounded deck.

I could see that Mitu had spent so many hours on the board, that it had taken the shape of his foot.

I then understood that I needed to make a board with the top deck pre-shaped to get this sensation on a new board.

With its unique design, the CAMEL DRIVE DECK will offer multiple advantages: It will lower and stabilize the heel of the surfer and lock its arch on a rounded center line.
It will improve stability, maneuverability and increase the rider’s board control in any conditions.

The introduction of this new construction represents a major change into the F-ONE surfboard range: the two Key products (MITU MONTEIRO & SIGNATURE) are now dispensed with bamboo.

To face the ever higher constrains applied by the riders on their surfkites, F-ONE has engineered a new foam composite construction with optimized flex, for maximum reliability, comfort and maneuverability.

The mechanical characteristics achieved by this construction provide a lighter weight and a perfect surfboard feel.

The deck has been recessed by 5 mm on a wide area underneath the front foot in order to add an EVA shock absorbing foam layer.

This foam layer absorbs effectively all impacts for the rider and makes the board even more durable.

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F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016
F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016
F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016
F-one Mitu Monteiro Pro Surf Kite Board 2016
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F-ONE is a French company specialising in the production and distribution of kitesurfing and Stand-Up-Paddleboard equipment. F-ONE was founded in 1989 and has enjoyed success ever since with their boards and ever popular F-one Bandit kites. Southern Extreme are a main dealer for F-One products.

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